An Asian experience in Vienna

Immerse yourself into a romantic new world and experience exotic new tastes of Asia in the heart of Vienna.

The large windows of the Shanghai Tan in the sixth district already give you an impression of what awaits you inside.

Entering the restaurant through black curtains the smell of Asian cuisine makes its way to your nostrils, inflaming your appetite. Moments later a friendly waiter accompanies you to your table, taking you into a whole new city when leading you down to the basement, where dim red lights and dark furniture give you the feeling of being in Asia.

The basement, being even dimmer, makes the ambience very warm and cozy, delivering an immediate feeling of comfort. The way to the table once again reminds of an Asian atmosphere, walking past different booths filled with pillows and red lanterns, plates of sushi and other Asian culinary delights covering the tables of people flourishing and giggling, noticeably enjoying dinner.


The dim light coming from the red lanterns adds romance to the atmosphere

The booth and table sizes vary from style and size, enabling you normal seating on wooden benches as well as plateaus with a table in the middle and nothing more than pillows to sit on, giving you a whole new dining experience.

The waitress is not only kind and attentive, but also very speedy taking orders and delivering food, always making sure wishes were fulfilled. Questions and recommendations were supplied showing her know-how about what the restaurant had to offer.

The aloe-spritz is the perfect refreshing aperitif suggested by the waitress and lasted until the first starters are brought to the table, all portions neatly placed on beautiful plates, turning dinner to art. Spring rolls come in a pair, large enough for two, accompanied by a sweet and sour sauce with a spicy aftertaste. The rolls being very crunchy and hot inside were the perfect introduction to what followed:

A delicious looking tempura sushi plate and prawns fused with fresh broccoli covered in piquant coco-butter.

The taste of the sushi is above average, and that of the prawns is exquisite, giving an extraordinary taste of coco-butter melted in with the prawns and broccoli, bearing a whole new experience to the taste buds.

Cool tap water is placed at the table throughout the whole dinner and four types of Asian beer are also available. The mood and dim light of the scene is so serene that tiredness quickly appears as tummies are filled.

Prices are fair and the check is split as food was shared, leaving everyone to pay 30 euros for a two course meal. Shanghai Tan can be strongly recommended for twosome dinners but also for larger group dinners that enjoy a cozy exotic meal, escaping the grey moods of Vienna.

ra’mien Restaurant GmbH
1060 Wien | Gumpendorferstraße 9
Telefon: 01 585 49 88
Mo – Sa: 18:00 – 01:00
(Küche 18:00 – 24:00)


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