Promoting Stories

I had a look at Vice News, The New York Times, Standard and CNN. I had a look at how they promote their stories both on Facebook and on their own Websites and got the general opinion that they do use similar methods in grabbing a reader’s attention.

The main attention grabber both on Facebook and their Websites, for all the News sites I visited were photos. Eye catching, sometimes brutal attention seeking photos that made me want to find out what exactly was going on.

Secondly, they used very strong leads, or on Facebook “Status updates” that sometimes summarized what was happening but also often just gave away a hint on what the story was about, which made it even more interesting to find out what it was actually about.

On their websites they all have catchy headlines, Vice and Standard using more pictures and CNN and New York Times using more writing on their Website. For me Vice is the most colorful and user friendly website as it does have catchy pictures and has a very user friendly website.

As I have “liked” all four news Facebook pages, their news does appear a lot on my Newsfeed. Generally I look mostly at Vice News as I have a feeling that it is also oriented towards a younger audience. They do not only cover the news, they also cover interesting opinion and analysis pieces. The news Vice releases is also simple to read and still covers the necessary.

Whenever I want to read more serious news, or I want to look over something that happened, I look toward the websites of Standard, New York Times or CNN. They also appear on my website and often have very interesting articles I like reading, but also articles that are not in my interest.

Standard is useful to me as it also covers regional Austrian news I like to follow.

In general I have the picture that the news websites I looked into use a very similar way of promoting their stories, using colorful eye catching pictures and headlines or status updates that make the reader want to continue reading, if the article is of interest. I know from personal experience that all four websites do post a lot of stories daily, but for me Vice news is the most catchy for the general news, and the other three are good for in depth news.


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