America’s dual economy
global economy
 CNN Money– A story written about America’s economy, and how well or not so well it is doing.
Looking at the bright side, CNN states that unemployment is low, economy is getting bigger, gas prices are below $3 a gallon, the stock market is high and job gains are highest since 1999.
Nevertheless, there is a not-so-bright side of this economy when looking at Americans wages, decreasing full-time jobs and increasing part-time jobs and a bigger gap between rich and poor.
Three key statistics are then listed including a “bar chart”, and a line chart.
1. The first statistic states that unemployment might decrease, but long-term unemployment increases.
This “bar chart” clearly shows the percentage of unemployment rate and the long-term unemployment rate in a million figure in a time range of 6 months or longer.

2. The second statistic states that wages are not increasing. A median of weekly earnings is given for the year 2007 and the year 2014 for comparison.


This image shows the median number of weekly earnings in 2007 and 2014. Median number meaning the middle numerical value of a data sample.

3. Thirdly, CNN states a statistic saying that the rich own more stocks, giving them more benefits as the stock market is at a record level. But unluckily only half of Americans have money in the stock market.


This line chart clearly shows the rise of the stock market from the year 2009 up until 2014.

Found on CNN Money November 7


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