The corner of Front and Maple is no stranger to accidents. If the corner could speak, it wouldn’t, it would simply cry. While some motorists and pedestrians have lived to tell about their experience at this intersection, sadly, just as many have been carted away with a white sheet pulled over their head.

This first paragraph immediately gives us the feeling of a sad tragic place “if the corner could speak, it wouldnt, it would simply cry”. Dramatic pictures in our mind follow when the author describes how many people have left the setting with a white sheet over their heads.

He was a handsome man, some might say too handsome,which ultimately led to his untimely demise. His looks were more important to him than anything else this mortal life had to offer. Ironically, the most important aspect of his short life is the reason his cold, twisted body now lies on a sanitary metal slab in a mortuary’s basement drawer.

Here we get the picture of an overly handsome young (“short life”) man, who put looks over being careful. We also get the message that he dies, as the author writes “short life, cold, twisted body now lies…”. 

Witnesses say the handsome man, whose sculpted body was equally as impressive as his chiseled looks, was admiring his reflection in the four foot mirrors strapped to the sides of the rusted Glass Company truck. His distraction with his own perfect reflection caused him to overlook the oncoming traffic, and was crushed by the dusty dump truck barreling south on Front Street. The beleagured driver of the truck, hurrying to make the light, did not see the handsome man step out into the southbound lane of traffic in front of his over loaded vehicle.

Explanation of a huge rusty truck follows (“four foot mirrors”), which was inevitably the cause of the handsome mans death. 

The sound of squealing brakes and metal hitting flesh and bone will not be forgotten any time soon by the shocked witnesses who had the misfortune of being in the vicinity of Front and Maple at mid-day yesterday.

An unpleasant description is added to highlight the gravity of the accident.

The fatal corner of Front and Maple has claimed yet another victim in a long procession of them. The cause of the tragedy, usually a faulty traffic light, was something entirely different this time. The culprit in this morbid case is vanity, and sadly,the world has lost one more handsome man.

DD (Flower E Prose- reporting)


What I liked about this descriptive article is that I got an immediate picture in my head as I continued reading. The author used exaggerated words where they were needed to focus on what was important



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