Morning walk with the dog

The morning, mist aggravated the sight up to the Kahlenberg, the mountain in the outskirts of Vienna distinguished for its stunning viewpoint. Peaceful silence heightened the eerie setting. Sudden flaps of wings complied with the atmosphere followed by nagging caws.


A sharp startling whistle noise cut off the stillness, when a bulky sizable dog appeared on the crest of the drizzled mountain. Its fur resembled the color of the charcoal ravens still flattering around the trees.
As more life arrived on the meadow of the elevation, the fog slowly eased, enabling an improved perception of the view which incorporated an overview of the awakening city. In short time, activity also developed on the lighting up mountain, with active dogs of all sizes running around eagerly, chasing tennis balls and sticks.

Distressed newbie dog owners losing overview of their mostly excited puppy dogs, and more experienced owners using the benches to relax, leaving their well-known dogs to do their thing.


The mysterious dull scene has quickly developed into a bright refreshing picture.


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