“Now, when exactly Gulf War Three will start, and how long it will take, isn’t covered,” Cantlie said, after repeating an excerpt from Obama’s address. “US advisers working with the Iraqi army as consistently grim, while arming and training an effective national guard of supposedly Sunni fighters in western Iraq will take months to achieve.”

The commander of al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate has threatened to retaliate against US-led airstrikes on Islamist extremists by attacking the West, in a sign that the raids may have boosted support for the group they are intended to destroy.

“Muslims will not watch while their sons are bombed. Your leaders will not be the only ones who would pay the price of the war,” Julani said in a message posted on jihadi internet forums, Reuters reported. “You will pay the heaviest price.”

“Of the Danish Muslims who go to Syria, some want to do aid work, while some want to wage jihad. But very little is known about those who go to Syria and then return to Denmark. That’s what the leader of the section for prevention of radicalization and extremism at Eastern Jutland’s police, Allan Aarslev, told me.”

“EU ambassadors who met on Tuesday had noted some “encouraging developments” since the 5 September ceasefire was agreed, an EU spokeswoman said.”



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