Bad Lead

A bad lead would contain too much information becoming confusing to the leader as it may contain too many or too confusing words. A bad lead would be a lead you would have to reread or wouldnt even bother reading as it may be too long or too baffling. A bad lead might also just not be timely, talking about something that is not proximate or just talks about and all round boring topic.


Examples of bad leads:

  • Navajo (BBC)–It is the largest payment ever made by the government to a single tribe. 
    The litigation included claims that dated back more than 50 years, with the US accused of mismanaging resources on tribal lands. The Navajo Nation has now agreed to waive these lawsuits.
    This may not neceserally be a bad lead, it just didnt appeal to me in any way as it isnt proximate and I have no relationship toward it what so ever. By not being very catchy or interestingly written I consider it a bad lead for me.
  • Mexico (Vice News)--A Mexican news reporter for the largest producer of media content in the Spanish-speaking world has been fired after a video emerged this week showing the journalist taking cash from one of Mexico’s most-wanted drug lords in exchange for tips on how to improve the capo’s image in the press.

    This particular story would be of my interest but the lead just didnt do it for me. It contains too much information, has too little catchy verbs and is not well written for my taste.


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