Russia vs. Ukraine. Is there fairness in the News?

Watching different videos from different sources, I got a lot of different perspectives on what is happening in the Ukraine, but unfortunately none of the sources I looked up seemed to have a well-rounded objective.
Looking at Russia Today ( I got to see the Russian perspective on how the War in Ukraine is seen, and therefore portrayed, bringing only the Russian view on the current crisis. Whilst watching the TV channel itself I got to see a lot of horrible footage of a completely destroyed Ukrainian landscape and devastated people that seem scared and seeking or help from Russia.
There was also an interview with young mothers holding their new born babies, which had a very strong effect on me, as it showed how lost these women were, separated from their families not knowing what the future will bring for their new borns.
I believe this is a very thought through process, using the imagery of young devastated mothers to make the image clear that Ukraine is “lost” without Russians help.

Reading further articles, my belief that Russia Today has a very bias and unbalanced perspective on the whole situation just got backed up by seeing the language that is being used to describe the situation in the Ukraine and especially about the NATO, which is being depicted as vale. Furthermore the articles focus on the costs the NATO will bring, backing it up with numeral facts, but also exaggerating when using words in reports like “millions” or “billions” which is very imprecise. In addition, a sentence which stuck out to me was the words Russia Today used to describe NATO’s goal, which was “Russians out, Americans in, Germans down”. If I were unacquainted with the situation, I would immediately get the image of NATO being terrible and awful.
Moreover, language is also carefully picked in preference to Putin, making him look like the mediator who is trying to enforce plans to stop the War.


On the other hand, by watching Ukraine today, the image I perceived was the complete opposite. The TV channel showed video evidence of a convoy Russian tanks driving into the Ukraine, giving the image of Russia invading the Ukraine without any troubles. Making it look like Russia has already claimed the Ukraine territory their territory. Furthermore, Ukraine Today states that it deserves the support of NATO even though it is not an aligned country, making it clear that Ukraine is urgently seeking for help from stronger countries to fight off the Russian army.

Continuing to reading articles on those circumstances on sites like CNN and BBC, I found articles and videos that illustrate a more balanced view, using facts and information showing views from both sides, but also tending to show preferences to Ukraines side of view, as both CNN and BBC are from countries that are part of the NATO, which is trying to fight against Russia.  I found that they put the Ukraine in a very fragile image, making it look like it strongly needed help from stronger countries, putting the image of the NATO in favor.

Nevertheless, CNN and BBC both gave arguments on both sides, even though they also tended to put more weight on one side.


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