Getting to know, me.

I took three tests to get to know myself better and to find out what I am bias about.


The first test I took was about preferences I have towards USA and Austria. The result was not all too surprising as I already knew that I personally prefer Austria to the US, it being my hometown, place of birth and generally a country with high living standards.

I very much enjoy living in Austria, but am definately not very patriotic that I would avoid living in another country. In the contrary, I have lived in Spain, England and Austria, and have enjoyed each country in its own ways. I would also very much love to get the possibility to live in as many other interesting countries in future as possible.

My test result stated that I have a medium-sized  automatic preference toward Austria before the USA, which explains my current preferability, but doesnt conclude that I would reject life in the US. 

The second test I took was focusing on the preference of homosexuals toward heterosexuals. My test result, which said I have a medium-sized automatic preference toward homosexuals, did not surprise me much as I grew up with a close contact to homosexuals and have nothing against homosexuality, yet I would not say I prefer homosexuals over heterosexuals. My preference here is quite neutral as I have had my difficulties with both homo- and heterosexuals.

The final test I took surprised me most, as it had too many mistakes the first time I took it, and stated that I had a strong association of male with natural sciences and female with humanities. I did suspect that I tend to see male as the stronger gender, but I was surprised about the amount of mistakes I made when connecting different associations with male or female. I tend to give all the sciences to male and humanities related words to female

I am not quite sure where this strong association comes from, as I am surrounded by strong women, and do believe that women should have equal rights, but I also believe that men and women are completely different genders and that we should not try to enforce becoming one gender. There are natural talents that men are better at, as well as talents where women have higher vocation.


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